Stainless steel deep groove ball bearing design

Bearings with shields

Bearings with shields, designation suffix is 2Z.The shields are made from stainless steel. Dust cover of the inner ring shoulder forms a very narrow gap,and can withstand high temperature and high speed. Shielded bearings are mainly used for inner ring rotation conditions. If the outer ring rotation, under the high-speed operation, it will cause grease to leak.

Bearings with seals
Bearings with contact seals, its designation suffix is 2RS1.Sealing rings is made of oil and wear-resistant steel skeleton nitrile rubber. The permissible working temperatures of these seals is from-40 to + 100 ° c and up to + 120 ° c in a short time. Sealing lip of contact sealing ring seals with inner ring shoulder. Seal ring groove on the outer edge of the outer ring, this position can provide a good sealing effect.

When sealed bearings running in extreme conditions, such as very high speed or high temperature, may cause grease leaks between the ring, and the sealing ring. If disclosure would have a damaging effect on bearing configuration, you will need to go through a special design steps.