Main reasons of SKF thrust ball bearings failure

There are many reasons for the SKF thrust ball bearing failure, all influencing factors of design and manufacturing processes are associated with the failure of thrust ball bearings, so it is difficult to analyses and judge. Under normal circumstances, it generally can be considered and analyzed in two aspects: use factors and internal factors.

Use factors

Use factors mainly refer to installation and adjustment, maintenance, maintenance and repair, whether compliance with the technical requirements. Installation condition is one of the leading factors in the use factors. Thrust ball bearings are often caused due to improper installation force status changes between the various parts of the entire thrust ball bearings, then thrust ball bearings are in an abnormal state and early failure. According to thrust ball bearings technical requirements for installation, use, maintenance, maintenance, monitor and inspect the burden of load, speed, temperature, vibration, noise and lubrication of thrust ball bearing in operation, find unusual reasons to adjust, bring it back to normal. In addition, analysis of the grease quality and the surrounding medium, atmosphere is also important.

Internal factors

Internal factors mainly refer to three key factors: structural design, manufacturing technology and material quality, which determines the quality of thrust ball bearings.

First of all, advanced reasonable structural design, will determine a thrust ball bearing for long life. Thrust ball bearings are made to go through forging, heat treatment, machining, grinding and assembling of the machining process. Reasonable, advanced, stability of all processes, can also affect the life of thrust ball bearings. Heat treatment and grinding process which affect the product quality of finished thrust ball bearings are often associated with failure of thrust ball bearings. Recent years, studies on working surface degenerating layer of thrust ball bearing have shown that grinding process has a close relationship with surface quality of thrust ball bearing.

Metallurgical quality of SKF thrust ball bearings used to be the main factors affecting the early failure of the bearing. As metallurgical technology (such as vacuum degassing of steel of bearings, etc.) increases, and quality of raw materials improved, raw materials quality factors in the failure analysis proportion has dropped significantly, but it still is one of the main factors affecting bearing failure. Selection of propriety still must be taken into account factors in bearing failure analysis.

Main tasks of SKF thrust ball bearings failure analysis is, based on the large amount of background material, analysis of data and failure modes, identify the main factors contributing to failure so that targeting measures for improvement, extending service period of roller bearings, avoiding unexpected early bearing failure.