Causes of fever of rolling bearing and its removal method

rolling bearing(1) reason: low precision bearings
Method: choose the required accuracy of bearing.
(2) reason: spindle bent or box is not concentric with hole
Method: repair the spindles or box.
(3) reason: the belt too tight
Method: adjust belt tension properly.
(4) reason: poor lubrication
Method: select required grade of lubricating materials and properly cleaned.
(5) reason: low Assembly quality
Method: improving Assembly quality.
(6) reason: the bearing shell run
Method: replace bearings and related wear parts.
(7) reason:the axial force is too big
Method: cleaning, adjusting the sealing mouth ring clearance required between 0.2~0.3mm, correct balancing of the impeller diameter and check static equilibrium value.
(8) reason: the bearing damage
Method: replace the bearings.