Radial thrust ball bearings during installation pay attention to the problem

Radial thrust ball bearings are precision components, and thus requires considerable caution when using, even if you use a high-performance bearings, if used improperly, you could not achieve the expected performance results, and prone to bearing damage. Therefore, use bearings should be aware of the following considerations:

However, in some special operating conditions,radial thrust ball bearing can be obtained more than traditional life, especially under light load conditions. As these special operating conditions, when the scroll (track and rolling) were effectively separated by a lubricant film and limit pollutants may cause surface damage. In fact, in ideal conditions, the so-called permanent bearing life is possible.

Grease lubricated sealed bearings in advance of filling grease in sealed, as well as within the shell filling amount of grease, to supplement or replace periodically the filling for fat. In addition, there are multiple radial thrust ball bearings require lubrication of machinery, pipes connected to the central lubrication grease. Filling grease grease lubrication can be achieved long after addition, and seal device structure is simple, so is widely used. Oil lubrication is relatively simple.
Radial thrust ball bearing installation and removal methods, should be based on the bearing structure, size, and nature in conjunction with bearing parts. Attaching/detaching the pressure should be added directly on the tight fit of the ring face, cannot be passed through the rolling pressure, as this will have an indentation on bearing surface, affect the bearing working, or even causes bearing damage. Cage bearings, seals, shields and other parts very easy deformation, mounting or dismounting bearings on these parts cannot be added to the pressure.

(1) the bearing inner ring and shaft are tight fit, and shell for a loose fit in the outer ring, free press on bearings mounted on bearings, and then place the shaft with bearings into the shell, when the pressure pad on the end of a radial-axial ball bearing Assembly of soft metal casing (copper or flexible steel pipe). Assemble bushing inner diameter should be slightly larger than the shaft diameter, outer diameter should be less than the diameter of ribs of the inner diameter of the bearing to avoid pressure on the cage. When large numbers of installed bearings in the casing on the handle.
Radial thrust ball bearings installed to make the bearing bore and axle centerlines are coincident. Bearings relative axes skew not only installation difficulties, and will lead to creasing, the axle neck bending or even cause the rupture of the bearing inner ring. In the absence of or inability to use the press, you can assemble the casing and a small hammer to install the bearing. Hammer should be even reached the end of bearing rings on the entire circumference, fitted on casing hammer end should be made into sphere.

(2) for tight fit and shell holes in the outer ring of bearings, the inner ring and shaft for a loose fit, you can press the bearing into the shell, then assemble the casing’s outer diameter should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the hole of the shell.

(3) the bearing inner ring and shaft, and shell holes in the outer ring are tight fit, assemble the tube end should be made to clamping ring of the bearing ferrule end face inside and outside simultaneously, or with a circular casing and Assembly, the pressure on both to the inner and outer rings, and shell on the bearing onto the shaft. This installation method is especially suitable for radial spherical bearings with automatic install.

(4) heating installation, install radial thrust ball bearings and bearing size and fit is required relative to the size of the interference, for larger amounts of interference, large bearings are commonly used in hot charging method. Before charging separable bearings or bearing rings into the fuel tank or in a special heater evenly heated to 80~100℃ (not more than 100 ° c). Loading bearings require skilled operational skills. When the bearing when they are removed or from the heating tank heater, immediately with a clean cloth (not cotton) wipe grease on bearing surface and attachments, and then placed in front of the mating surfaces, in an operation to push the bearing to withstand axial location of the shoulder. During the cooling process should always be pushed in tight, or by assembling a small hammer tap bearing casing to make it close. Installation should be slightly rotating bearings to prevent installed inclined or stuck.

Radial thrust ball bearings and shell holes in the outer ring for tight fit can also load bearing after heating of the shell. Especially light metal housings in case of tight fit, may damage because of the bearing outer ring onto its surface, the bearings should be heated.