Pressure ball bearings

Pressure ball bearing divides into one-way (Uni-directional pressure ball bearing)and two-way(Bi-directional pressure ball bearing) two types.

Uni-directional pressure ball bearing is a bearing with steel balls fitted in rolling ring, 90 ° contact angle, can withstand the unidirectional axial load only, and not suitable for high speed rotation. The bearings can be separated into three pieces, and there are arc-shaped deep groove for balls rolling on two gaskets.

Bi-directional pressure ball bearing is a bearing with the intermediate ring and two outer rings installed on the axis, between intermediate rings and the outer ring exsits the steel balls, can be subjected to bi-directional axial load. The outer ring of pressure ball bearings have plane seat type, aligning seat type and aligning washer seat type.

Uni-directional and bi-directional pressure ball bearings generally use steel stamping molding. Large-size bearings or special bearings use brass or mild steel turning retainer.

1,3-disc types: 511XX, $literal, 512XX, 514XX
2,5-disc types: 522XX, 523XX, 524XX