The structure and uses of linear motion ball bearing

Structure of Linear motion ball bearing is that, it is equipped with retainer within the outer ring where there is more than one ball in. The balls are in infinite loop motion. Spring retaining ring fixed on both ends of the retainer are fixed with internal circlip,and a gap window is set in the straight track of balls force direction. This part is to enable loading steel balls rolling contact with axis, is relatively mobile with a very low coefficient of friction. Therefore linear motion ball bearings is the most suitable bearings for mechanical equipment, automation equipment, and energy-saving equipment. Linear motion bearings are being increasingly widely used in electronic, mechanical, instrumentation, robotics, tools, machinery, food machinery, packaging machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, medical equipment, CNC machine tools, automobiles, and other general or specific machinery industry.

Advantages of linear motion ball bearing:

1. As mobile contacts can make the starting resistance of friction and dynamic friction resistance is minimal, so you can save energy, easy access to high velocity.

2. Load increases, but no sensitive changes of friction coefficient, so,under heavy load, minimal friction coefficient and long-term constant precision, which makes the service life longger.

3. Interchangeability is good, convenient installation and time saving and innovative mechanical structure, small, and light weight.

4. Oil-saving procedures, simplify lubrication and maintenance.

5. The bearing with additional oil seal on both sides is also applies in places easily penetrated more dust or foreign bodies.