Machining process of Koyo deep groove ball bearing rings

Although deep groove ball bearings have many types, its structure, tolerance class, material selection, processing methods are different.Its basic manufacturing process includes the following:

1, Deep groove ball bearing parts manufacturing – the bearing parts check – bearing parts demagnetization, cleaning, rust – bearing assembly – finished checking of deep groove ball bearings – deep groove ball bearings finished demagnetization, cleaning – bearing finished oiled packaging bucket finished goods warehousing.

2, the ring is an important part of deep groove ball bearings, since there are varieties of deep groove ball bearings, sizes, structures, equipment, process of rings varies. Because the ring’s complex machining processes, processes require high precision, therefore machining quality of rings has a significant impact on deep groove ball bearing’s service life and precision, performance.

3, ring manufacturing raw materials are cylindrical bar or tube, now according to different molding process, there are several manufacturing process of deep groove ball bearing rings.
1) (bar)-forging-annealed under (or fire – turning (cold rolling forming)-heat treatment-quenching, tempering-grinding parts thereof demagnetization, washing-checks-submitted to the Assembly.
2) (rod, tube) cutting-cold-forging heat treatment quenching, tempering-forming-grinding parts thereof demagnetization, washing-checks-submitted to the Assembly.
3) (tube) forming-blanking-turning-grinding heat treatment quenching, tempering-parts thereof demagnetization, washing-checks-submission Assembly
4) (bar) cutting-cold (warm)-heat treatment quenching, tempering extrusion-turning-grinding-parts thereof demagnetization, washing-checks-submission Assembly

Forming method of rings: currently processing in the ring, it mainly has following several ways: forging, turning molding, cold rolling forming and cold (warm) extrusion.
1) forging
By forging process can eliminate metal internal defects, improve metal organization, achieve reasonable distribution of metal flow line, metal tightness good. Forging forming process is widely used in deep groove ball bearing in forming can be done from the outside diameter of inner diameter ~20mm small product to 5000mm mega-product processing.
2) cold rolling forming
Cold-rolling technology is a way to increase material utilization, metal tissue density, keep the metal flow of advanced technology, it is a chipless machining methods. In theory, cold forging forming of products without turning to direct heat treatment and grinding. Currently, small cold-rolling technology are mainly used in deep groove ball bearings deep groove ball, its main processes: forging blanks (ring)-turn (except channel)-rolling (Groove and chamfer) diameter-sharpens surfaces at both ends. When forging forming process of cold rolling technology and, besides equipment precision, the accuracy of the product, and also to the effects of molding precision.
3) turning molding:
The deep groove ball bearing industry special lathe for turning of the traditional forming technology is used, centralized operation method completes processing. But due to the method used by the device adjustments difficult low, machine tool accuracy, low material utilization, so the process is being phased out.