Factors to be considered for double row deep groove ball bearings radial clearance

Double row deep groove ball bearings radial clearance means the one ring stationary while the other ring in the direction perpendicular to the axis of double row deep groove ball bearings, by an extreme amount of moving location to another location. Selection of bearing clearance was correct or not, running accuracy, bearing life, mechanical friction, temperature, vibration and noise, has a great deal of influence. As for radial spherical plain bearings clearance of choice hours, you would make the number of rolling load increased contact stress reducing, functioning more smoothly, but friction will increase, temperature also increases. Conversely, increased contact stress, vibration, friction reducing, low temperature rise. Therefore, depending on the bearing conditions, choose the most suitable clearance values, is of great significance. Selected when in fact bearing clearance, must fully take into account the following key factors:

1, double row deep groove ball bearings with shaft and housing bore to cope with the elastic value changes will result in bearing clearance. General bearing after installation make the clearance values reduced;

2, double row deep groove ball bearings during the working of the institution, due to the different thermal conditions of the axis with the shell, making the temperature difference between inner and outer rings, which will lead to the clearance values reduced;

3, due to the shaft and housing materials for different coefficients of expansion, will result in clearance, reduces or increases the value.


Basic protection methods of double row deep groove ball bearings

Bearing must be cleaned with gasoline or kerosene before installing,and use after drying,in order to guarantee good lubrication.Double row deep groove ball bearings are grease lubricated, oil can also be used. When selecting grease lubrication,it should be free of impurities, function better, such as resistance to oxidation, rust prevention,and extreme pressure grease. Filling quantity of grease should not be too much,about 30% to 60% percent of the tank capacity of bearing. Double row deep groove ball bearings with seal structure have filled up grease, people can directly use, not to conduct any further cleaning.

When mounting, bearing required in putting equal pressure on the circumference of the ferrule end face, press the ring into.You shall not use lang first class tool directly to the bearing surface, so as not to damage the bearing. If mass installation, the hydraulic press can be used.It should guarantee the case shoulder side and end surfaces in the outer ring, inner ring and shaft shoulder-side surface clamping, there should be no gaps.

Ball Bearings come in single and double row versions

Explorer angular contact ball bearings feature ground transition raceways/shoulders and modified polyamide/brass cage geometry. They are manufactured from steel with low oxygen content to prevent formation of fatigue-causing oxide inclusions in steel. Upgraded balls offer running accuracy to ISO P6 and heat-treating process stabilizes rings at 150ºC for minimal dimensional changes. Sealed and shielded units contain high temperature urea base grease.

New SKF® Explorer angular contact ball bearings benefit from advanced design, material, and manufacturing-process innovations. SKF Explorer angular contact ball bearings available in both single- and double-row offer a new performance class for users compared with previous designs. The high-performance single-row angular ball bearings as standard can be universally matched in sets for proper clearance or preload to effect proper load sharing, extend service life, enable easier and safer handling and mounting, and reduce inventory.

Applications for angular contact bearings include electric motors, pumps, compressors, air handling equipment, gearboxes, and other equipment utilized in the packaging, food and beverage, medical, general manufacturing, and construction industries.

Among features and benefits for both the single- and double-row bearings are ground transition raceways/shoulders to deliver higher thrust load capability, lower overall contact stresses, and reduced edge stresses for increased power density, load rating, and safety. Modified polyamide/brass cage geometry promotes higher speed ratings and acceleration, lower heat generation, and reduced vibration and noise. Their manufacture from steel with low oxygen content using state-of-the-art techniques serves to extend life and reduce fatigue failure by preventing formation of fatigue-causing oxide inclusions in the steel.

Upgraded balls offer improved running accuracy to ISO P6 (ABEC 3) as standard and a unique heat-treating process stabilizes rings at 150ºC for minimal dimensional changes (accuracy to ISO P6). Newly developed shields in double-rows can prevent contamination, enhance grease retention, and minimize maintenance. Sealed and shielded bearings contain a high temperature/long life urea base grease compatible with most common industrial greases.

SKF Explorer angular contact ball bearings are available in a wide range of bore sizes and dimensions. Customized bearings can be developed to satisfy particular end-user requirements.