How to completely rebuild a ball bearing

Note: You should probably grease or lube your bearings (after cleaning them) if you are using them for their intended purpose. I was going to use these bearings for something that didn’t require fast rotational speed, so that’s why I didn’t lube them.

Instructional video on how to disassemble, clean, and reassemble a ball bearing. Here it’s a standard skateboard wheel ball bearing. The procedure should be similar for most other types of ball bearings, including for bikes, motorcycles, rc cars, etc.


Common problems and solutions When installing deep groove ball bearings

1, Any requirements on the mounting surface and the installation location of deep groove ball bearings?

Yes. If the scrap iron, burrs, dust and other impurities from entering in deep groove ball bearings, the bearing in operation will produce noise and vibration, or even damage deep groove roller and steel balls. Therefore, before the installation of deep groove ball bearings, you must make sure that the installation surface and environment clean.

2, Do deep groove ball bearings need cleaning before installation?

Deep groove ball bearings are coated with antirust oil, you need to carefully clean them with cleaner gasoline or kerosene, and then coated with a clean high quality or high temperature lubricant before installation. Influence of cleanliness on the service life of the bearing and vibration noise was considerable. But what we want to remind you is: sealed bearings do not need cleaning and refueling.

3, How to choose the right grease?

Lubrication on the operation and life of has a very important impact on the deep groove ball bearings. I briefly describe the general principles of selection of deep groove ball bearing grease. Grease is made of base oils, thickeners and additives. Grease functions of different types and same type with different brands vary, be sure to pay attention to duing to corresponding speed limit is different. Grease performance mainly determines by the base oil. Low viscosity base oil is suitable for low temperature, high speed situation, while high viscosity oil is suitable for high temperature, high-load situation. The thickener is also related to the lubrication function. Water resistance of the thickeners determines the water resistance of the grease. In principle, grease with different brands cannot be mixed, and, even if grease with the same kind of thickeners, also has a negative impact on each other due to different additives.

4, The more grease,the better when lubricating the deep groove ball bearings?

When lubricating bearings, the more grease,the better, this is a common misconception. Too much grease in bearings and bearing interior will cause excessive mixing of oils and fats, which results in extremely high temperatures. Number of bearing lubricant filling is covered with 1/2~1/3 bearing internal space,reduced to one-third when high speed.

5, How to install and disassemble the deep groove ball bearings?

Do not hammer directly on the surface and non-bearing surface of deep groove ball bearing when installation. Let bearing be an average force with block, sleeve or other installation tools (Tools) . Never install using the ball driving force. If the mounting surface is coated with lubricating oil, it will make the installation more smooth. If combined with interference is greater, put bearing in mineral oil, heated to 80~90℃ and install as soon as possible. Strictly control oil temperature not exceeding 100 ° c to prevent the effect of tempering hardness reducing the impact and recovery. Removing when you encounter problems, we recommend that you use the removal tool to pull on the inner ring at the same time carefully pouring hot oil, and heat makes the bearing inner ring expanding so that making it more prone to shedding.

How to Install Deep Groove Ball Bearing?

Deep groove ball bearings are used in a particularly wide variety of applications. Consequently, they are available in many executions and sizes. The standard SKF range comprises the following types:

– single row deep groove ball bearings
– SKF Energy Efficient deep groove ball bearings
– single row deep groove ball bearings with filling slots
– stainless steel single row deep groove ball bearings
– double row deep groove ball bearings
– single row hybrid deep groove ball bearings, see section “Engineering products – Hybrid bearings
– single row deep groove ball bearings for high temperatures, see section “Engineering products – Bearings and bearing units for high temperatures”
– cam rollers, see section “Track runner bearings – Cam rollers”
– polymer ball bearings, see section “Engineering products – Polymer ball bearings

Deep groove ball bearing is installed correctly is very important, following a few steps outline the main points of the installation of deep groove ball bearings:

Preload requirements

  • For the required precision deep groove ball bearing drive, such as deep groove ball bearing spindle, there are often preload requirements. These deep groove ball bearing preload are reasonable, in order to achieve the nominal accuracy. Deep groove ball bearing preload is generally factory-supplied parameters. The traditional rule of thumb is often the assembly workers install. You can use pre-measured amount of preload deformation method in some structure. Obtained after deformation, the structure design in a tightening gasket, the gasket is just pretension height difference before and after the change. In this way, tighten the nut to ensure death, preload volume remains unchanged.

Clearance before installation

  • If there are burrs, dirt and other foreign matter go into the deep groove ball bearing iron filings, deep groove ball bearings will generate noise and vibration when in operation, or even damage the raceway and rolling elements. Therefore, when install deep groove ball bearings, you must ensure that the mounting surface and installation of the environment clean.
  • Deep groove ball bearings should be cleaned before the installation. Coated with anti-rust oil, you must use gasoline or kerosene to clean carefully and then coated with clean, high-quality, high-speed or high-temperature grease before installation. Cleanliness of deep groove ball bearing will impact the service life and vibration noise is very large.

How to choose the grease

  • How to choose the grease lubrication of deep groove ball bearing that influences the operation and life importantly. Here to brief you the general principles to choose grease. Generally low-viscosity base oil for low temperature, high-speed; high viscosity for high temperature, high load. Thickener is also related to lubrication, grease thickener of water determines the water resistance. In principle, the grease cannot mix different brands, and even if the same kind of grease thickener, also because of the different additives adversely affect each other. Deep groove ball bearings and grease will cause too much room over oil mixing, resulting in extremely high temperatures.

Deep groove ball bearing installation

  • How to install and remove the hammer when installed directly face deep groove ball bearing and non-force side, should be briquetting, sleeve, or other deep groove ball bearing installation tool to make uniform force. If the mounting surface coated with oil, the bearing will be installed more smoothly. Deep groove ball bearings should be placed in mineral oil heated to 90 – 100 ℃ immediately after installation. Difficulty in dismantling, it is recommended that you use the removal tool to pull the inner ring, while carefully poured on the hot oil, deep groove ball bearing inner ring heat will expand, making it easier to fall off.

How to choose the appropriate clearance conditions

  • All of the deep groove ball bearings require minimum clearance work; you must choose the appropriate clearance conditions. Rolling deep groove ball bearing radial clearance group is divided into five groups -2, 0 group, 3 groups, 4, 5 groups, followed by small to large clearance value, where 0 is the standard clearance group. Basic radial clearance group for general operating conditions, temperature, and commonly used conventional interference fit; at high temperature, high-speed, low noise, low friction to work under special conditions such as deep groove ball bearing; of precision spindle, machine tool spindles with deep groove ball bearings, etc. should use a smaller radial clearance; for deep groove ball bearing roller can maintain a small amount of clearance work. In addition, separate type of deep groove ball bearings are indifferent clearance; Finally, deep groove ball bearing clearance work after installed, install the front than the original clearance is small, because the deep groove ball bearings to withstand a certain load rotation, there are deep groove ball bearing and load produced with the elastic deformation. Rolling deep groove ball bearing clearance and preload adjustment process is to improve the precision deep groove ball bearing swivel and carrying capacity, reduce vibration and noise transmission effective means. Assembly work should clarify the concept of deep groove ball bearing assembly clear the technical requirements, while also taking into account the deep groove ball bearing temperature control and good lubrication, the right way to use this process to ensure the ball rolling groove the quality of the bearing assembly.

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The structure and uses of linear motion ball bearing

Structure of Linear motion ball bearing is that, it is equipped with retainer within the outer ring where there is more than one ball in. The balls are in infinite loop motion. Spring retaining ring fixed on both ends of the retainer are fixed with internal circlip,and a gap window is set in the straight track of balls force direction. This part is to enable loading steel balls rolling contact with axis, is relatively mobile with a very low coefficient of friction. Therefore linear motion ball bearings is the most suitable bearings for mechanical equipment, automation equipment, and energy-saving equipment. Linear motion bearings are being increasingly widely used in electronic, mechanical, instrumentation, robotics, tools, machinery, food machinery, packaging machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, medical equipment, CNC machine tools, automobiles, and other general or specific machinery industry.

Advantages of linear motion ball bearing:

1. As mobile contacts can make the starting resistance of friction and dynamic friction resistance is minimal, so you can save energy, easy access to high velocity.

2. Load increases, but no sensitive changes of friction coefficient, so,under heavy load, minimal friction coefficient and long-term constant precision, which makes the service life longger.

3. Interchangeability is good, convenient installation and time saving and innovative mechanical structure, small, and light weight.

4. Oil-saving procedures, simplify lubrication and maintenance.

5. The bearing with additional oil seal on both sides is also applies in places easily penetrated more dust or foreign bodies.

Pressure ball bearings

Pressure ball bearing divides into one-way (Uni-directional pressure ball bearing)and two-way(Bi-directional pressure ball bearing) two types.

Uni-directional pressure ball bearing is a bearing with steel balls fitted in rolling ring, 90 ° contact angle, can withstand the unidirectional axial load only, and not suitable for high speed rotation. The bearings can be separated into three pieces, and there are arc-shaped deep groove for balls rolling on two gaskets.

Bi-directional pressure ball bearing is a bearing with the intermediate ring and two outer rings installed on the axis, between intermediate rings and the outer ring exsits the steel balls, can be subjected to bi-directional axial load. The outer ring of pressure ball bearings have plane seat type, aligning seat type and aligning washer seat type.

Uni-directional and bi-directional pressure ball bearings generally use steel stamping molding. Large-size bearings or special bearings use brass or mild steel turning retainer.

1,3-disc types: 511XX, $literal, 512XX, 514XX
2,5-disc types: 522XX, 523XX, 524XX

Several factors about radial clearance of double row deep groove ball bearings

Double row deep groove ball bearings radial clearance means the one ring is immovable while the other ring in the direction moves from one extreme location to another location perpendicular to the axis of double row deep groove ball bearings. Selection of bearing clearance is correct or not, has a great deal of influence to running accuracy, bearing life, mechanical friction, temperature, vibration and noise of bearings. For example, when spherical bearings radial clearance is small, the number of rolling elements bearing the load increases contact stress reduces, and stably operates, but frictional resistance will increase, and temperature also increases. Therefore, depending on the bearings’ using conditions, choose the most suitable clearance values, is of great significance. Selecting bearing clearance, must fully take into account the following key factors:

1, Tightness between double row deep groove ball bearings with shaft and housing bore will result in changes of bearing clearance value. Generally, bearing clearance values after installation will reduce;

2, During the operation of double row deep groove ball bearings, due to the different cooling conditions of the axis and the shell, it makes the temperature difference between inner and outer rings, which will lead to the clearance values reducing;

3, Due to different coefficients of expansion of the shaft and housing materials, clearance value will reduce or increase too.

Selection of deep groove ball bearing grease on the importance of stability

1, rust-proof performance
Preferably, the anti-rust agent can be insoluble in water, with good adhesion, forming a layer of oil film on the steel surface.
2, mechanical stability
Insufficient mechanical stability of oil, during the operation, would make oil soap structure to mechanical disintegration, causing grease is destroyed, thus loss of lubrication.
3, oil seal
Oil seal is necessary barrier for the protection of deep groove ball bearings and lubricants from external contamination. TIMKEN bearings in operation, debris or moisture cannot penetrate TIMKEN bearings, to prevent damage to its case.
4, mixed greases
Do not mix incompatible greases. If two incompatible greases mixes, usually the consistency will become soft, lastly, it may cause TIMKEN bearing damage because greases loss.
5, classification of oils
Consistency of grease and lubricating ability is affected by temperature. In an operation at a temperature of TIMKEN bearings must select greases that have the correct grease consistency and good lubrication effect under the same temperature.

In the general case, fill volume of deep groove ball bearings grease , always exceeds the amount of directly involved in the practical needs of lubrication, cavity and bearing cover on and rolling the perimeter to form a contour. In this process, due to the extra grease resistance, bearing temperature rise quickly. Although most excess grease in the early running was out, and squeezing roller attachment grease is still likely to be between turning the rolling to the Raceway. The early stages, most of the grease is quickly (less than a minute) out of raceways, other grease with the bearing rolls loops. At the same time, the bearing temperature continued to rise, up until extra bearing grease is discharged,this may be called grease collection phase. According to TIMKEN quality and fill volume of grease in the bearings, this period can last a dozen minutes, or even hours.

After remaining bearing grease being discharged completely, leaving a small amount of grease on the contact surface in between rolling element and the Raceway, cage, and bearing goes into a normal stage. When temperature decreased gradually and reaches equilibrium. In other words, long-term lubrication, relies mainly on the film of grease to bear. In addition, the bearing in the long running process, outlines, as well as of the rolling element and the Raceway near to shrinking and ceding part of cage on the grease based oil, flow into the back between the Raceway and lubrication there is also a complementary role.

Bearing grease in the bearings of the different form the outline is not the same as the opening, be sure to form the outline draft, short journey times, long-term functioning of bearing temperature in low and stable, this is an ideal grease, particularly important for lubricating grease into drains.

Some so-called Eddy current type of grease is not, it is difficult to form contours, even forming contours tend to collapse, then rolled back over and over again the excess grease in the distance is strong mixing conditions, TIMKEN bearings, torque, temperature, and uneven, and may also generate noise, grease is also vulnerable to spoilage and wastage.