Installation method and use of single row deep groove ball bearings

Bearings are precision components, and thus require considerable caution when used, even using the high performance of single row deep groove ball bearings, if used incorrectly, could not achieve the desired performance, and easy to make bearing damage. Therefore, you should be aware of the following considerations:

First, keep the bearings and the surrounding environment clean

Even if invisible dust into the bearing, bearing wear, vibration and noise will increase.

Second, be careful when you install

Do not punch powerfully, does not tap the bearings directly with a hammer and transmitting pressure on bearing through the rolling elements pressure is not allowed. Don’t open the single row deep groove ball bearings package until installing. General grease lubrication, do not clean bearings and fill the grease directly. Oil lubrication, generally do not have to clean, however, instruments or high speed bearings,clean bearing with clean oil, removing rust inhibitor coating on the bearing. Bearings after removing rust, are easy to rust, so they cannot be placed at random.

Third, use appropriate and accurate installation tools

Installing approach of single row deep groove ball bearings varies due to the bearing structure, conditions and fit. As generally are axis rotation, take the inner ring interference fit. Bearings with a cylindrical bore installation, press into with the press, or hot charging method. Bearing with tapered bore installation, directly fix on the tapered shaft or using an adapter sleeve. Using special tools as much as possible, avoiding using fabric and staple fiber or something.

Four, prevent corrosion of the bearings

Fully wash away the sweat on his hand when taking bearings directly by hand, and coated with high quality mineral oil before operation, paying particular attention to rust during the rainy season and summer.

However, in some special operating conditions, single row deep groove ball bearings get more longer life than the traditional calculation, especially under light load conditions. These special conditions are, when scrolling surface (track and rolling elements) is effectively separated by lubricant film and limiting surface damage caused by pollutants. In fact, in ideal conditions, the so-called permanent bearing life is possible.

Bearing life

Single row deep groove ball bearing life is detemined revolutions (or number of working hours in a certain speed), definition: bearings within this life, in any of its initial fatigue damage to the bearing rings or rolling on (off or defect). In tests in the laboratory or in actual use, however, can be clearly seen, looks the same bearings under the same working conditions, real life vary greatly. In addition there are several different definitions of bearing “life”, one of the so-called “working life”, represents a single row deep groove ball bearings in real life can be achieved before the damage is caused by wear and tear, damage is usually not the fatigue, but rather caused by wear and tear, corrosion, seals damage reasons.


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