Purpose and method of preload of deep groove ball bearings

What Is Bearing Preload?

Bearing preload is related to the issue of clearance and can be critical for the proper functioning of your bearing. There are multiple techniques and ways of looking at the preload process, and we will examine them in depth here. A bearing needs to be fitted with a shaft and housing and will have some level of clearance, meaning there will be some give between the different parts of the ball bearing. To remove this internal clearance and create an interference fit, a preload is necessary. The preload essentially describes the process wherein a permenant thrust load is applied to the bearing, essentially using force to push the bearing so that it is secure in the groove and has no axial clearance.

Do not allow powerful punch, tap TIMKEN bearings directly with a hammer and transmit pressure through the rolling element.

Using special tools as much as possible, avoid using fabric and staple fiber or something.

Even invisible micro dust caming into the TIMKEN bearings, also increase the bearing wear, vibration and noise.

When directly taking deep groove ball bearings with hands, fully wash away the sweat on his hand is necessary, and coated with high quality mineral oil before operation. Paying particular attention to rust during the rainy season and summer.

In some special operating conditions, deep groove ball bearings can be obtained relatively longer than the traditional calculation of life, especially under light load conditions. These special conditions are, rolling surface (track and rolling elements) were effectively separated by lubricant film and no surface damage by limiting pollutants enter. In fact, in an ideal condition, the so-called deep groove ball bearing with permanent life is not impossible.

(1) right decide about radial direction of the axis and axial direction, inhibit the shaft of the beating at the same time.
(2) increasing bearing rigidity. The spindle of the machine uses bearing, SKF deep groove bearing for differential mechanism pinion by bike.
(3) prevent vibration in axial direction and abnormal noise due to resonance. Small motor uses bearing.
(4) inhibit rotate and slide of rolling elements,including revolution slide and rotation slide. High speed rotating radial spherical plain thrust bearings, thrust ball bearings.
(5) for rings, keep in the correct position of rolling elements. use thrust ball bearings, spherical roller thrust bearings on the horizontal axis.

Preload method: locate the preload is to reset the SKF bearing the relative positions of axial direction, also does not change the preload method in use. Here are some examples:
(1) method that in order to implement preload adjusted width difference in advance or combinations of axial clearance of the bearing after fastening.
(2) method that using the adjusted size of liner and wedge, so that the bearing preloads.
(3) method that after tightening the screw and nut which can adjust the axial direction clearance. On this occasion, in order to get the appropriate amount of preload, determine the starting friction torque while adjusting.

Check more bearing preload information at http://www.nmbtc.com/bearings/engineering/preload.html and http://www.gobearings.com/preload_methods.htm.


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