Important factors in rupture of deep groove ball bearing cage

Important factors in rupture of deep groove ball bearing cage


Rupture of deep groove ball bearing cage belongs to the occasional and non-normal failure mode, we should analysis the causes of IKO bearing cage fracture following the five aspects below.

1,deep groove ball bearing is poor lubrication: IKO bearings is running in a lean State, forming adhesive wear, and deterioration of the working surface. Tear matter produced by adhesive wear is easy to enter into the cage, so that cage is in abnormal loads, has the potential to cause rupture of cage.

2,creep phenomena of deep groove ball bearings: creep mostly means sliding phenomenon of finger rings, in case of insufficient interference combined with surface, the loading point moves around due to sliding, direction ring relative to the circular shaft or housing location deviation.

3,cage of deep groove ball bearing material defects: cracks, large blocks of metal inclusions and shrinkage cavity defects, bubble and riveting short nails or nails, pad in half cage surface voids, serious damage may cause, these all may cause cage fracture.

4,deep groove ball bearing cage is abnormal load: not installed in certain place, tilt, and excessive interference,which easily caused tour gap reduced, increased friction and heat, surface softened, prematurely appeared exception peeling. As peeling extended, peeling foreign body entered into the frame hole, leading to the cage running block and producing attached load, increased cage wear. Such a deterioration in the loop, will may cause the cage fracture.

5,hard foreign body invasion: intrusion of foreign body exacerbates the cage wear and generate exception additional load, which can cause the cage fracture.


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