Four specific ways to handle high temperature of deep groove ball bearings

When temperature of deep groove ball bearing rise, first determine whether the malfunction is wrong, if it rises indeed, it should be dealt with as follows:

(1). check cooling water pressure, flow and whether pipe systems are functioning correctly. If the water pressure low, may be filter clogged, you can shut down if cannot be processed in a timely manner, when it works, put into use again.

(2). check the speed governor oil pressure, low oil pressure may cause the cooling water of hydraulic valve close.

(3). check bearing abnormal noise, and inspect the swing of deep groove ball bearings for exceptions.

(4). take sample to observe whether oil color is changing, and test to see if bad. If confirmed, shut down replace new oil.

(5). check whether oil level is normal, if irregular, check that the oil drain valve is closed. If it is closed tightly, please supplement oil, if sealing pad is oil leakage, stop the machine and handle it.

When we use bearing, if its in very hot situation, then quickly stopped operating, and then find out its causes, and provide solution for processing in accordance with the above. But, due to different reasons for heat of deep groove ball bearings, there are different ways to resolve, so it should be treated and completed with the assistance of technical staff.

(A) filling grease method

So-called filling grease method is to fill in the right amount of grease to the bearing working surface regularly, which is one of the most commonly used way of lubricating grease.

(B) oil Cup method

Oil Cup method is to set the capping oil cup or pressure oily cup on bearing housings, rotating the capping and injecting the grease on with grease guns to apply grease injection. This is a commonly used way of lubricating grease.

(C) pressure for grease method

Pressure for grease method is to rely on the grease pump for grease. You should use good fluidity of lubricating grease.

(D) Centralized greasing method

Centralized greasing method is to supply grease for the deep groove ball bearings and other parts through the grease pump. Similarly, the grease used should be sacrifice good liquidity and excellent oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance.


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