Selection of deep groove ball bearing grease on the importance of stability

1, rust-proof performance
Preferably, the anti-rust agent can be insoluble in water, with good adhesion, forming a layer of oil film on the steel surface.
2, mechanical stability
Insufficient mechanical stability of oil, during the operation, would make oil soap structure to mechanical disintegration, causing grease is destroyed, thus loss of lubrication.
3, oil seal
Oil seal is necessary barrier for the protection of deep groove ball bearings and lubricants from external contamination. TIMKEN bearings in operation, debris or moisture cannot penetrate TIMKEN bearings, to prevent damage to its case.
4, mixed greases
Do not mix incompatible greases. If two incompatible greases mixes, usually the consistency will become soft, lastly, it may cause TIMKEN bearing damage because greases loss.
5, classification of oils
Consistency of grease and lubricating ability is affected by temperature. In an operation at a temperature of TIMKEN bearings must select greases that have the correct grease consistency and good lubrication effect under the same temperature.

In the general case, fill volume of deep groove ball bearings grease , always exceeds the amount of directly involved in the practical needs of lubrication, cavity and bearing cover on and rolling the perimeter to form a contour. In this process, due to the extra grease resistance, bearing temperature rise quickly. Although most excess grease in the early running was out, and squeezing roller attachment grease is still likely to be between turning the rolling to the Raceway. The early stages, most of the grease is quickly (less than a minute) out of raceways, other grease with the bearing rolls loops. At the same time, the bearing temperature continued to rise, up until extra bearing grease is discharged,this may be called grease collection phase. According to TIMKEN quality and fill volume of grease in the bearings, this period can last a dozen minutes, or even hours.

After remaining bearing grease being discharged completely, leaving a small amount of grease on the contact surface in between rolling element and the Raceway, cage, and bearing goes into a normal stage. When temperature decreased gradually and reaches equilibrium. In other words, long-term lubrication, relies mainly on the film of grease to bear. In addition, the bearing in the long running process, outlines, as well as of the rolling element and the Raceway near to shrinking and ceding part of cage on the grease based oil, flow into the back between the Raceway and lubrication there is also a complementary role.

Bearing grease in the bearings of the different form the outline is not the same as the opening, be sure to form the outline draft, short journey times, long-term functioning of bearing temperature in low and stable, this is an ideal grease, particularly important for lubricating grease into drains.

Some so-called Eddy current type of grease is not, it is difficult to form contours, even forming contours tend to collapse, then rolled back over and over again the excess grease in the distance is strong mixing conditions, TIMKEN bearings, torque, temperature, and uneven, and may also generate noise, grease is also vulnerable to spoilage and wastage.


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