Compressive strength influences on the performance of IKO deep groove ball bearings

Compressive strength refers to the ability that do not crush or size does not change when bearing accomodate load.

How to ensure deep groove ball bearings used normal in the course, how to make IKO bearings be without injury and with longer life.Let me introduce some notes making bearing work well, which I wish to help you. Under normal circumstances, there are points as follows:

1, appropriate clearance of deep groove ball bearing, too large will impact, too small is poor lubrication that may be burnt.

2, improve quality of lubrication and control oil pressure, temperature and flow, strengthen the oil filter.

3, deep groove ball bearings and axle geometry and surface quality should be strictly guaranteed.

4, adopted in accordance with the demarcation of the fuel and lubricating oil.

5, control of engine temperature, in the under cooling or overheating cases is negative. In cold weather, preheating before starting of diesel engines and scroll hand crank that oil into the friction surface.

Cleanliness of bearing considerable influence on bearing life considerably. IKO bearings have special tests, with the result that their differences for a few times and even dozens of times to more than double. Higher cleanliness of bearing,the longer life.Therefore, improving the cleanliness of the lubricant can extend bearing life, also, with dirt particles of lubricating oil control under below 10 um, IKO bearings life can increase.

Influences on the lubrication properties

IKO bearings drop in cleanliness, not only affect the lubricant film formation, but also cause deterioration and aging of grease, thus affecting the grease lubrication performance.


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