Basic protection methods of double row deep groove ball bearings

Bearing must be cleaned with gasoline or kerosene before installing,and use after drying,in order to guarantee good lubrication.Double row deep groove ball bearings are grease lubricated, oil can also be used. When selecting grease lubrication,it should be free of impurities, function better, such as resistance to oxidation, rust prevention,and extreme pressure grease. Filling quantity of grease should not be too much,about 30% to 60% percent of the tank capacity of bearing. Double row deep groove ball bearings with seal structure have filled up grease, people can directly use, not to conduct any further cleaning.

When mounting, bearing required in putting equal pressure on the circumference of the ferrule end face, press the ring into.You shall not use lang first class tool directly to the bearing surface, so as not to damage the bearing. If mass installation, the hydraulic press can be used.It should guarantee the case shoulder side and end surfaces in the outer ring, inner ring and shaft shoulder-side surface clamping, there should be no gaps.


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