Single row deep groove ball bearings and wide use

Single row deep groove ball bearings are with wide range of uses,the most representative structure of rolling bearing. The raceway is located on the inner ring,and outer ring which scroll ball is slightly larger than the RADIUS the radius of circular cross section. Apart from bear racing to meet, it can also withstand axial load in two directions. Frictional moment torque is small, is best suited for high speed rotation, low noise and low vibration. These bearings, apart from outside also has bearings and steel dust cover, plus rubber sealed bearings or bearings with snap ring on the outer ring outside diameter. A pressed window-type steel cages,mainly used in pressed window-type steel cage (waveform, Crown-shaped … Single row; s-… Double column); or phenol-formaldehyde resin for copper alloy, synthetic resin cutting cage cages.

Main use: car: rear wheel, gearbox, electric appliance parts; electric: General Motors, household appliances. Other: instrument, internal combustion engines, construction machinery, railway vehicles, material handling machinery, agricultural machinery,and industrial machinery.

Single row deep groove ball bearings’most widely used bearing type:

1, the basic design open bearings
2, sealed bearing
3, ICOS oil sealed bearing units
4, with a snap ring groove, with or without bearings with snap ring
Other deep groove ball bearings for special applications:
1, hybrid ceramic bearings
2, electric insulated bearing
3, high temperature bearings
4, solid oil bearings
5, sensor bearing

Basic design of SKF single row deep groove ball bearings are open and sealed. Because of manufacturing concerns, or dust with a seal bearing bearing open bearings of the same size, might have on the seal groove in the outer ring. Bearings with shields or seals on both sides are lubricated for life and maintenance free products. This class bearing should not be washed, and temperature must not exceed 80 degrees Celsius.


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